photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support  roll forming machine
photovoltaic support roll forming machine
  • Main data

1. Main data:

1.2.1 Feeding width range of the material:40-200mm

1.2.2 Strip steel thickness range:2-2.5mm

1.2.3 Strip steel texture:Q235 Cold-strip steel

                    Hot galvanizing strip steel

1.2.4 Working speed: 15-20m/min

1.2.5 Min length of work piece:2000 mm

1.2.6 Tolerance of the straightness: 1—1.5 mm /1500 mm

1.2.7 Angle tolerance of the work piece ≤±1.5/1000mm

1.2.8 Fixed length of the work piece:10m±1.5mm

2.  Rolling range of the end products

2.1 Max thickness of the solar stand: 2-2.5 mm

2.2 Product specification

3. Main structure


Equipment name

Type and specification


Motor power/KW



Automatic feeder

5TAutomatic Hydraulic

1 pc




Leveling machine

9 rollers for leveling

1 pc



Servo feeder

Matching the individual control system

1 pc



Punching machine

JH21-80 High speed punching machine




Stamp die and computer control cabinet

Feeding 300mmeverytime


According to the punching dimension


Roll forming machine

Memorial archway style structure, gearbox drive



Whole set


Pneumatic system



track  return stroke


Hydraulic cutting device

hydraulic belt energy storage




Control system

PLC control system of the whole line



output table

Length : 3M


4.1.1Technology process of the machine

 Automatic feeder(5T) → leveling → Servo feeding→ punching  → roll forming machine → re-forming → following hydraulic cutting → output

4.1.2Main parts technology specification  5T Automatic hydraulic feeder

A. Inner diameter of the steel coil:φ508mm;

B. Harmomegathus range of inner diameter: ф480-520 mm;

C. Max diameter of steel coil:φ1000mm; Load capacity:≤5T

D. Way of expansion:5T hydraulic automatic   Leveling machine

a.Working roller:9 rollers leveling machine

B. Features of structure:Leveling rollers rigidity and surface roughness mechanical property are improved after hardening and tempering and chrome finish. It is including the pinch roll and leveling roll, pinch roll can be adjusted separately, leveling up roller adopt massive structure, establish two adjustment points on front and back to form certain oblique angle, it can easy to improve the quality of leveling. There is a pair of guide flat rolls and two pair of guide vertical rolls on the feeding side of the leveling machine, guide vertical roll can be centring move.


b.Features of the structure:Using servo motor drive 3KW. Multiple stage feeding:It can input 10 groups different feeding length. The touch screen display is easy to change and set up the technical parameters. Automatic induction actuating system is linkage with the punching machine. ( control the punching machine start.)  Punching machine

80T high speed punching machine, working speed is about 15-20m/min Roll forming machine

Main data

1.        Motor power:2X22KW=44KW

2.        Roller QTY:20 groups(Including 1 gear milling)

3.        Working speed:15-20m/min

4.        Material of roller:GCR15,CR12MoV quenching

5.        Drive type:Memorial archway gearbox drive

6.        Diameter of main shaft:¢90mm  Following cutting

a.Type:Pneumatic following, mould cutting

b.Feature of structure:Following cutting is separate mechanism, by PLC main computer to fix the length, cutting length can be fixed according to the requirement. Using non-stop following cutting technology. The cutting face is not easy to be out pf shape, working efficiency is high.  Electronic control system:Kunlun Kuntai 7inches touch screen, Siemens PLC,Yaskawa frequency converter, Schneider low-voltage apparatus.

a. The whole line uses PLC control, Liquid crystal touch screen, human-computer interface to realize the interaction between the PLC and human. Operator via the setting procedure to automatic operation and monitor the control process to realize that the operator control the whole line and change the control parameter, and monitor the running status, parameter and failure indication of the equipment. Length of the work piece is set by digital, the length of the work piece can be adjusted.

b. Operating mode is including manual/automatic. The machine has manual and automatic switch function. The machine is stand-alone run within the manual status, it is easy to maintain. Within the automatic status to proceed the whole line running, sequence start-up. The whole has jerk button in order to handle the emergency episode, which can guarantee the machine and operator safe.

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