Heavy Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
Heavy Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
Heavy Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
Heavy Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
Heavy Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
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a)  Raw material mechanical property and Spec.:


Steel strip thickness:    23.5mm

Steel coil bore: φ600

Steel coil OD: ≤φ1800

Steel coil weight: 10T

b)  Product Spec.:

Product:According to the drawing

Width of the product:    1220mm

Height of the product:    85mm

Length of the product:    2000-4000mm

Length tolerance: ±2mm

c)  Technology Spec.:

Forming mode:  cold roll forming

Working speed:    3-13m/min

Feeding direction:    Left feeding

Main voltage:    According to the customer demands

Main motor power:  About 37KW

Main parts data:

1. Decoiler:

Cantilever type hydraulic decoiler, the load capacity is 6T, Coil boreφ500-600Coil max diameterφ1800.

Hydraulic motor power 4KW

2. Levelling and feeding:

Wall board type levelling machine, two roller feeding, 7 roller levelling.Levelling roller diameter is 80mm, material is 40Cr,quenching treatment hardness HRC48º~52º。The levelling machine has guiding vertical roller front and back, feeding hole has nip rolls.

3. Punching and cutting:

Using 200T tetrastyle hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic motor power15KW.

Punch material is Cr12MoV. Front and back has adjustable guiding roller,the material is Cr12MoV,hardness is HRC58º~60º, and will give you one set different bore diameter punch and die block.

4. Roll forming machine:

15 steps mail roller, individual open memorial archway type structure,the memorial archway material is HT200 with tempering.The stand column cross sectional dimension is 100×803 steps guiding vertical roller. Shaft diameter is φ95 with thermal refining treatment. Single out shaft down drive gearbox has 15 pcs, bevel gear mod M=10gearbox material is HT200Main motor power 37kwcommon motor, using frequency converter to control the speed. We also match helical surface reduction gears, speed ratio 48.57. Using 1.5 inch double row chain to drive between the drive gearboxes.Using universal drive shaft between the shafts. Using 2 inches double chain to drive between reduction gears.

5 .Output table:

Output table using trolley type, length is 5M, material is 8# box iron.

6 .Control system:

Using Siemens PLC control system, touch screen, it can control the all parts of the whole line with manual or automatic.

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